Reputation Management SEO: 7 Tips To Protect Your Brand Online

Have you ever visited an online forum and read a poor review of your business? A bad word about your brand can go a long way — from reducing conversion rates to leaving a negative impact on your customers’ satisfaction.

In order to earn and keep the loyalty of your consumers, any SEO optimization company would recommend that you invest a good amount of time and effort in reputation management.

What is Reputation Management

Whether it’s about what people are saying about you in traditional or digital media, reputation management involves keeping track of these feedbacks and reviews and making sure that the general public views your products and services the way you want them to be.

How Can You Protect Your Brand Online: Tips and Tactics

Ask any SEO optimization company and you’d realize how the digital world can be too harsh when it comes to reviewing a certain product or service. And more often than not, potential customers can be easily swayed by what they’ve read about you. If it’s bad, you can lose a potentially loyal client. But if it’s the other way around, it’s a way to keep the integrity of your business and to ultimately boost your brand and sales.

Here are some tips and tactics on how to protect your brand online:

Identify and solidify your brand

Identify the unique products services you’re offering to your customers and solidify your brand by creating content that uses strategic keywords about your business.

Advertise your brand

Get your products and services out there in there in the digital world through brand advertising. Without discounting organic traffic, you can use your resources to venture into paid advertising campaigns. This will help you reinforce your message while getting immediate results.

Grow and cultivate your social profiles

Your social media accounts work as a great tool in promoting your business and increasing brand awareness. Name your profiles completely and correctly, and supply your pages with curated contents gearing towards boosting your brand.

Make a universal profile or biography

Be diligent in filling out the about page of your social profiles and websites. Don’t forget to put or embed links to your other digital assets. This universal business profile or bio will be helpful especially when an external entity (e.g. A company where you were invited in as a business resource speaker) wants to use such info in/for their own portals.

Take time to respond to reviews

Search engines and online consumers heavily rely on reviews. Appreciate good reviews and respond accordingly to the bad ones. Professionally apologize and clarify errors, if there are any.

Try conducting online PR

Traditional PR is done if you want other companies to promote your brand. You can also do this digitally and cost-effectively expand the reach of your business.

Manage and monitor brand activities

Enlist the help of apps and websites that help you manage and monitor brand activities. For instance, when an influencer tags you on social media, you can send him or her a gift or set up a meeting for a stronger partnership.

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