doxo and Coinstar Partnership for Simplifying Cash Bill Paying Method

On the 12th April 2018, Coinstar which is the leader of self-service coin counting, and doxo which is an innovative pill payment solution platform, has come together so that if you don’t want to pay your bills online, you can simply go to thousands of Coinstar kiosks to pay their bills in cash. Coinstar can be found at any high-traffic retail locations.

From now on, consumers can pay the bill, including their utility bills, cable, car loans, insurance, phone, etc. using cash, and is limited to 7.000 Coinstar kiosks. The doxo crows-sourced directly contains more than 45.000 billers, both local and national, and all of their bills can be paid.

So, doxo and Coinstar has made the process of paying bills convenient for the consumers.

In the USA, there are 34 million unbanked households as well as underbanked households. The bill payments of more than 6% which is around $235 billion are made in cash annually. So, when the billers get a chance to pay bills in cash, that makes their life easy, so it is a valuable service. Coinstar and Doxo made the efforts of billers very little.

How can Billers Participate?

All the billers have to do is to expand their locations of cash payment to include Coinstar kiosks. With Coinstar network, a biller’s burden and expense to receive cash payments at the offices get reduced. Also, the consumers get the chance to pay bills in cash.

Doxo-network billers streamline the receivable accounts, and on-time payments can be increased. A real-time data of customer payment can be seen through an easy-to-use dashboard. They can receive daily deposits directly and reconcile their files.

When you are to pay your bills through Coinstar, you will have to select “Pay Bills with Cash at Coinstar” from all the payment options available in the website of the dexo or through the mobile app of dexo. As a biller too, you have the option to get featured for bill pay on the several Coinstar kiosks that are available nearby. Paying bill was never such easy before.

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