Check the VGA Cable with a Multimeter Like a Pro in these X Steps

VGA cables that are manufactured by well known cable companies rarely fail. Moreover, the better quality VGA cables are usually compatible with newer 16:9 ratios and resolutions which are beyond the 1024 x 768 standard of the good ol’ CRT monitors. But, the low quality VGA cables may not be compatible with high resolutions. Many lower end VGA cables never use the connector pins to save on the costs. To find out if the vga cables at has the consistency on all the pins, use a multimeter to make sure that the cable uses all the pins and the solders or wirings are in place. And this is how you do it.

  1. Turn off your PC and monitor. Then, disconnect the VGA cable from the PC and monitor.
  2. Next, insert the black and red test probes in respective ports on the multimeter. Use the back probe lead into the hole or port which is marked ‘+’ or positive and the red probe in ‘-‘ or negative port.
  3. Turn on the multimeter and choose the selector switch to the Ohms. If the multimeter bears variable resistance settings for Ohms, set the unit to 200 or to its lowest setting.
  4. Align the VGA cable in order to see the open connectors on the cable ends. Place the cable ends so that its broad edge is on the top.
  5. Touch the black and red probe together in order to zero the display and calibrate the multimeter.
  6. Touch the black probe to the pin on the extreme left on the top pin rows on one end of the cable. Touch the red probe to the pin on the extreme left on the top row of pins on another cable end.
  7. See the ohm reading on the display of the multimeter. Mostly the resistance should be more than zero and less than 20. If the multimeter is 0 then there is no continuity between these pins. This is an outcome of a damaged wire or solder. In many cables, there are no wires at all.
  8. Use the probes for testing other pins on the cable connectors, making sure that you touch the probes to the correct same pins on either end of the cable.

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