5 Ways To Use Email Drip Campaigns For Your Business

Email drip campaigns give you an opportunity to be in constant contact with prospects and customers. You can use this opportunity to keep the audience posted about the latest happenings in your business, let them know about the upcoming offers, get their feedback about the products and services, and many other things.

Unlike traditional email campaigns where new subscribers couldn’t get to know what you shared earlier, emails in drip campaigns are sent out based upon specific trigger or response of each individual recipient.

Aligning marketing strategy with a drip campaign is bound to give you higher sales. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can use drip emails in a number of different ways. Here are 5 popular ways businesses are using them effectively.

Welcoming new subscribers

Marketers often choose to send a welcome email to their new subscribers. It not only gives the subscribers a feeling that you care for them but also gives you a great opportunity to assess and know more about the prospects.

Spend some time and write the welcome email well, otherwise, the recipient may not think twice before unsubscribing from the mailing list. Focus on building trust, tell the subscribers what they can expect, whom they can contact for help, etc. The idea is to retain the new subscribers and slowly convert them into loyal customers.

Nurturing prospects

When a new subscriber joins the mailing list, he or she may not be prepared to receive the sales pitch. Bring them to the stage where they are in the right frame of mind and are more receptive to the sales and promotional material.

Nurture leads through proper education about the products or services, informing them about benefits and the ways they can save money, etc. For example, if your company sells air conditioning units, instead of directly sending offers about the product, start with informative articles like how they can cut electricity costs while using an air conditioner in their house, what factors to look for when buying an air conditioner, etc.

Onboarding new customers

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to make new customers. After you have understood the requirements of the new prospects and provided them with the information they are looking for, send them targeted offers to sell the product.

This type of email is often referred to as customer onboarding. It may vary in content and style, depending upon the marketing strategy, but a common example is to tell the prospects how to use your product.

Re-engaging abandoned customers

Quite often, you find from the web analytics that some customers are interested in buying the product or that they even initiated the process of purchase but left it midway. For example, there’s a person who hasn’t bought anything from you for a long time. So, it might happen that this person unsubscribes. Do you want this? Definitely no.

This is why send emails to such clients, remind them of yourself and the products, make them believe you remember about them. Drip email gives you an opportunity to address the concern of such prospects and convert them into the customers.

Cross-selling another product

The fact that a certain prospect has bought a product from you proves that he or she likes to deal with you. You know the customer and the customer knows you. So, you can sell them another product related to what they’ve already bought from you. Drip campaigns offer a great opportunity to cross-sell the products to the existing customer base.

Choose the right tool

Irrespective of what type of drip campaign you run, understand that it requires patience, perseverance, and adept execution to fetch the desired results. An innovative email marketing tool like can be a great help in simplifying and automating the drip campaign. Within any pricing plan, you can create as many email campaigns as you need and write to dozens of groups of people depending on the way you split them.

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