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11 Tricks to Help Your Brand Rule Google Maps

Do you want to be “seen”? Dominating the search engine is a must nowadays for your brand to be identified on Google Maps. Today, most people prefer searching for what they are looking over google or yahoo search and not receive unwanted advertisements over the mail. Our local SEO marketing company is ready to help you achieve your seen-goals for your brand to dominate Google Maps for every search and here are some 11 simple tricks for you.

Use Google My Business (GMB)

Any business information you add to your GMB automatically gets reflected on Google Search, Google Maps and Google +. Update your GMB with relevant and accurate information as well as your specific target city or town.

Use Keywords in GMB

Catchy keywords that customers generally type in searching for a product can increase your chances of being seen if your company name makes use of those common keywords. Also, if customers simply want to reach you and your contact information, you can easily direct the traffic to your website by having keywords already spelled out in your GMB.

Distinct Web Pages for Locations and Products

Ask help from your local SEO marketing company to guide you with professional developers for ease of access and relevant information regarding your business location and products for your customers.

Physical Address

Do not forget to include your specific physical address and a map to your location especially for your target market in the city or town area you have in mind. This will make it easier for Google Search to make accurate results.

On-Page Factor

Is your company website mobile friendly and updated? Faster loading speeds make it relatively faster in loading up in Google Search, Maps and other organic searches. Your local SEO marketing company comes in handy here.

The Authority of Citations

Getting your business to appear in local listings such as newspapers, articles and blog posts is one way of “speeding things up” in getting searched in Google Maps. The more popular and credible the listings are, the higher the chances of getting “seen”.

Match Website NAP and GMB NAP

Make sure to match the NAP (name, address, and phone number) on your website to your information in your GMB.

Rich Content vs Content Rich

Time spent on a page is very important in assessing one’s public appeal. Rich content often works best in comparison to articles or brand advertisements with lengthy paragraphs that bore a customer.

Business and Website Reviews

When other people see your brand with a lot of reviews, you give them a chance to assess whether or not your brand has a good experience. Going beyond customer expectations is one way to get their customer review easily.

Local Recognition

You increase your chances of being “seen” by being recognized by other local businesses in your neighborhood. Building relationships with them and joining a common cause and venture can help your brand get publicity on their websites and thus increase your chances to bop to the top.

The Turtle Wins

Lastly, it can take some time for a new website like yours to rise the ranks in being searched up through keywords. Take your time and keep adding guest posts and reviews to build up your brand reputation. Your local SEO marketing company can also guide you professionally in getting your brand to the top of the search and map bar.

Tessa is the leading local SEO marketing company today. If you want to dominate local search, trust our team to help you get to the top.

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